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MYDO Pike Pack

MYDO Pike Pack: the ferocious pike jumps on and annihilates a plastic paddletail swum on a MYDO Silver Bullet Baitswimmer.

In the MYDO Pike Pack, you get three shiny MYDO Silver Bullet Baitswimmers. And 6 soft plastic paddletails to go with them. Pike destroy the softies, hence the extra replacements.


The smallest weighs in at an eighth of an ounce. And is for complicated fishing spots in the canals and in the bush.

When it opens up a bit, tie on the quarter ounce to get a bit more distance and depth.

The half-ounce gets you down deep and is ideal for lakes and steep drop-offs.


Simply cranking at a steady speed produces a lovely side-to-side wobble that is then complimented by the paddle tail. The combination of these two swimming vibes is what sets the MYDO range of lures apart. You can troll these guys perfectly. Use the different weights to work the entire water column.

If you crank and jerk and stop…the lure takes on a life of it’s own. On the deceleration, the blade up front veers the lure off in a random direction. When it pulls tight again, crank a little and jerk again. This is a lively way of presenting your bait as an injured, confused baitfish.

You can also try the prawn dance. Let the lure hit the deck, and when it does, jerk upwards to get that lure accelerating towards the surface. Crank up the slack since half the strikes you get will be when the lure is on its merry way back down. Repeat.

Enjoy your MYDO Pike Pack!


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