MYDO Bluefin Bomber




MYDO Bluefin Bomber

The MYDO Bluefin Bomber has recently been all over the news. All over the world, anglers are now able to effectively and realistically swim big baits. Resulting in some highly credible catches.

Including two bluefin tuna recently. One off Cape St. Francis in South Africa. Making it a southern bluefin tuna. And the other was caught in the Mediterranean making it from the Atlantic stock. Interestingly enough, on the same trip that the second bluefin was caught (ine the Med), the angler also caught a decent-sized king mackerel. On the same bait! Which incidentally was a little king mackerel itself. About 4 kilograms. And was very easily swum on the big baitswimmer.


A king or queen mackerel at around 3 kilograms swims a treat on the MYDO Bluefin Bomber. Their long thin profile allows for surprisingly high speeds. And these baits stay together really nicely. Tough skin, you don’t even have to gut and stitch these guys really. Although that will help keep the bait fresh for a lot longer.

Small tuna or bonito don’t like to swim very fast. Gutted and stitched they do a lot better. But generally, send these guys down deep and see what you can come up with.

Wolf herring might be suited to a smaller sized baitswimmer. Same with ribbon fish aka cutlass fish aka walla walla.

A really big bluefish will look amazing on the MYDO Bluefin Bomber.


In some places, wahoo and king mackerel swim with the billfish and tunas. And so nylon is a gamble every time. However, at 300 pounds, it seems that the teeth of this high-speed razor gang meet their match.

Nylon or fluorocarbon would be first choice every time.

However, you can use wire droppers like we do in the MYDO HD Gamefish Trace that you can view and buy rigged and ready to go right HERE.



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